Finding Aid for the Arthur H. Steinhaus Papers MS.0914

Repository: University of Tennessee Libraries, Special Collections
Creator: Steinhaus, Arthur H., 1897-1970
Title: Arthur H. Steinhaus Papers
Dates: 1900-1973 (Bulk 1914-1969)
Quantity: 31.0 Linear feet
Abstract:Arthur H. Steinhaus was an expert on the physiology of physical fitness and sport. The collection contains correspondence and material related to his research and his personal papers.
Collection Identification: MS.0914

Biographical/Historical Note

Arthur H. Steinhaus was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1897. He received his SB, MS and PhD from the University in Chicago (1919-1928) in Zoology and Physiology and his BPE and MPE from George Williams College, Chicago (1915-1926) in Physical Education.

For fifty years, 1915-1965, Dr. Steinhaus was associated with George Williams College as a student, teacher, Dean, and finally Dean Emeritus. After his retirement as Dean Emeritus, he was appointed Distinguished Service Professor by the Chicago College of Osteopathy on limited assignment to the Department of Physiology, and then served as a visiting professor at Michigan State University from 1966-1969. He taught in summer and evening sessions at the Universities of California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Saskatchewan, Southern California, and Northwestern. He served appointments as Fulbright Professor to Germany and Japan, did research in Germany and Denmark, and lectured in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. In 1944 he was on leave to serve as Chief of the Division of Physical Education and Health Activities in the U. S. Office of Education. During the war he was a Civilian Advisor to the U. S. Navy on matters of physical fitness and physical rehabilitation. He conducted research on the physiology of exercise and spent a year in Europe as a Fellow on the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He was President of the American Academy of Physical Education from 1943-1945. His writings appeared in purely research journals such as the American Journal of Physiology, in professional journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, and in popular magazines such as Coronet and Look.

After 1923 he was interested in research to disclose the effects of habits of living on health and well being. Habits of living include eating, drinking, exercising, fatigue, rest, relaxation, smoking, and various emotional states. In later years his interest centered on interrelationship of mind and body with emphasis on mental health and total fitness. A good deal of his scholarly work was directed toward interpreting the findings of research for the average practitioner in physical education-a kind of middleman function.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection is composed of correspondence, personal records, project and research files, teaching notes, talks, manuscripts, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, motion pictures, audio tapes, dictabelts and numerous associated items.


Collection consists of 31 boxes divided into 14 series: Organizations; Correspondence; Foreign Correspondence and Conferences; Projects and Research; Course Lectures; Other Public Lectures; Publicity, Publishing, and Manuscripts; George Williams College Materials; Transcripts of Public Lectures; Personal and Financia; Scrapbook; Photographs and Audiovisual Material; Awards, Honors, and Other Material; and Individual Correspondence.


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Exercise -- Physiological aspects.
Sports -- Physiological aspects.
Sports medicine.

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[Identification of Item], Arthur H. Steinhaus Papers, MS.0914. University of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, Special Collections.

Acquisition Note

This collection was donated to the University of Tennessee Libraries, Knoxville, Special Collections in 1974.

Container List

Series I: Organizations, 1900-1973 (Bulk 1919-1969)
Box1Folder1Alumni, 1953-1969
Box1Folder2Amateur Athletic Union, 1951-1953
Box1Folder3American Academy of Physical Education, 1962-1965
Box1Folder4American Academy of Physical Education, 1966-1969
Box1Folder5AAHPER-General, 1943-1969.
Box1Folder6AAHPER-Research Council, 1959-1969.
Box1Folder7AAHPER-Advisory Committee to Research Consultant. undated
Box1Folder8American Association of University Professors, 1940-1960
Box1Folder9American Cancer Society (Illinois Division), 1964-1966
Box1Folder10American College of Sports Medicine, 1965-1966
Box1Folder11American College of Sports Medicine, 1967-1969.
Box1Folder12American Medical Association, 1942-1968
Box1Folder13American Medical Writers Association, 1960-1967
Box1Folder14American National Council for Health Ed. of the Public, 1958-1964.
Box1Folder15American Non-Smokers Society, 1959-1962
Box1Folder16American Osteopathic Association, 1964-1968
Box1Folder17American Physiological Society, 1928-1968
Box1Folder18American Public Health Association, 1953-1969
Box1Folder19American School Health Association, 1947-1965
Box1Folder20Association for Control of Tension. undated
Box1Folder21Association for Physical and Mental Rehabilitation, 1957-1968.
Box1Folder22Athletic Institute, 1951-1967.
Box1Folder23Board of Health (Chicago), 1960-1965
Box1Folder24Camp Research Foundation, 1963-1969
Box1Folder25Chicago Board of Education, 1962-1966
Box1Folder26Chicago College of Osteopathy, 1964-1968
Box1Folder27Chicago Park District, 1954
Box1Folder28Chinese Students Club of YMCA, 1919-1920
Box1Folder29Christian Children's Fund, 1964-1973.
Box2Folder1Correct Seating Institute, 1956-1961
Box2Folder2Dartrell Corporation, 1957-1969
Box2Folder3Delta Psi Kappa, 1950-1969
Box2Folder4Exercise Reprint Club, 1965-1968
Box2Folder5Faculty Club, 1926-1946
Box2Folder6Federal Trade Commission, 1955-1959
Box2Folder7Federal Trade Commission, 1960-1965
Box2Folder8Federation International d'Education Physique, 1952-1955
Box2Folder9FIEP, 1956-1969
Box2Folder10Federation International de Medicine Sportive, 1948-1969
Box2Folder11Foundation for Scientific Relazation, 1964-1968
Box2Folder12Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1928-1933
Box2Folder13Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1946-1967
Box2Folder14Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1964-1968
Box2Folder15IAPPHPER, 1948-1969
Box2Folder16Illinois Committee on Calisthenics & Physical Fitness, 1965
Box2Folder17Illinois Social Hygiene League, 1921-1956
Box2Folder18Illinois Society for Medical Research, 1950-1965
Box2Folder19Illinois Tuberculosis Association, 1959-1960
Box2Folder20Institute for Physical Fitness, Inc., 1955-1957
Box2Folder21International Congress of the Psychology of Sport, 1964-1965
Box2Folder22International Council of Sport and Physical Education, 1960-1962
Box2Folder23International Olympic Academy, 1961-1969
Box2Folder24International Platform Association, 1961-1969
Box2Folder25International Union for Health Education of the Public, 1954-1955
Box2Folder26Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, 1965-1967
Box2Folder27Journal of Physical Education, 1931-1961
Box2Folder28Kappa Delta Pi, 1965-1966
Box3Folder1Michigan Education Association, undated
Box3Folder2Michigan State University, 1964-1969
Box3Folder3MSU College of Education, 1966-1969
Box3Folder4MSU Faculty Club, 1966-1969
Box3Folder5Mid-America Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 1965-1966
Box3Folder6Mid-West Society of Physical Education, 1900-1947
Box3Folder7Minister's Casualty Union, 1921-1964
Box3Folder8Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, 1960-1968
Box3Folder9NAPECW, undated
Box3Folder10National Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1964-1968
Box3Folder11National Council on Physical Fitness, 1943-1945
Box3Folder12National Education Association of U. S. A, undated
Box3Folder13National Foundation for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1966-1969
Box3Folder14National Interagency Council on Smoking and Health, 1965-1967
Box3Folder15National Science Foundation, 1951-1953
Box3Folder16National Society for Medical Research, undated
Box3Folder17Navy-Civilian Advisory Committee, 1942-1947
Box3Folder18Navy-Office of Naval Research, 1951-1953
Box3Folder19North American Society for Psychology of Sports and Physical Fitness, undated
Box3Folder20Office of Education-Agreements and Regulations, 1942-1945
Box3Folder21Olympic Testing Committee, 1947-1948
Box3Folder22Oscar Meyer Co.-Madison, Wis. (Relax. Data), 1964
Box3Folder23Phi Delta Kappa, 1966-1967
Box3Folder24Phi Epsilon Kappa, 1953-1966
Box3Folder25Physical Education Schools in England, 1946-1958
Box3Folder26Pi Gamma Mu, 1927
Box3Folder27President's Council on Youth Fitness, 1957-1964
Box3Folder28Priorities, 1941-1943
Box3Folder29Reading Research Foundation, 1966-1967
Box3Folder30Robinson Foundation, 1945-1946
Box3Folder31Science Research Assoc., 1955-1968
Box3Folder32Scientific Society for Physical Education, 1936-1951
Box3Folder33Silver Jubilee Congress-Bloemfontein, South Africa, undated
Box3Folder34Society of Fellows in YMCA Physical Education, undated
Box3Folder35Society of Public Health Educators, 1966 December 6
Box3Folder36Society for Psychophysiological Research, undated
Box3Folder37U. S. Olympic Committee, undated
Box3Folder38University of Southern California, 1964-1966
Box3Folder39World Health Organization, 1947-1955
Box3Folder40Wheaties Sports Federation, undated
Box3Folder41YMCA National Physical Education Committe, undated
Box3Folder42U. S. Office of Education-Federal Security Agency, undated
Series II: Correspondence, 1970-1973
Box4Folder1Recent Correspondence, 1970-1973
Box4Folder2Memorial Letters-Unanswered, undated
Box4Folder3Memorial Letters-Answered, undated
Box4Folder4Eva Steinhaus Correspondence, undated
Box4Folder5Historical Correspondence, undated
Box4Folder6Historical-people deceased (B-K), undated
Box4Folder7Historical-people deceased (L-W), undated
Box4Folder8Notable People, undated
Box4Folder9A Other, undated
Box4Folder10B, undated
Box4Folder11C, undated
Box4Folder12D, undated
Box4Folder13E, undated
Box4Folder14F, undated
Box4Folder15G, undated
Box4Folder16H, undated
Box4Folder17I, undated
Box4Folder18J, undated
Box4Folder19K, undated
Box4Folder20L, undated
Box4Folder21Mc, undated
Box4Folder22M, undated
Box4Folder23N, undated
Box4Folder24O, undated
Box4Folder25P, undated
Box4Folder26Q, undated
Box4Folder27R, undated
Box4Folder28S, undated
Box4Folder29T, U, V, undated
Box4Folder30W, undated
Box4Folder31Y, undated
Box4Folder32Z, undated
Box4Folder33Other, undated
Box4Folder34Correspondence useful?, undated
Series III: Foreign Correspondence and Conferences, 1936-1968
Box5Folder1Foreign visitors, undated
Box5Folder2Fulbright Fellowships, undated
Box5Folder3Europe, 1936-1938
Box5Folder4England, 1952
Box5Folder5Germany-General Correspondence, undated
Box5Folder6German Letters to answer, undated
Box5Folder7India-General Correspondence, undated
Box5Folder8Japan-Fulbright Fellowship, undated
Box5Folder9Japan-Tozano, undated
Box5Folder10Japan-General Correspondence, 1960-1964
Box5Folder11Japan-General Correspondence, 1965-1968
Box5Folder12New Zealand, undated
Box5Folder13South Africa, undated
Box5Folder14Taiwan, undated
Box5Folder15Tallahassee-F. S. U., undated
Box5Folder16Wisserschaftliche Gesselsch aft fur Korperliche Ersiehung, 1939
Box5Folder17Proceedings of Ill. Assoc. for Professional Preparation in HPER, 1965
Box5Folder18University of Oregon, 1966, 1966
Box5Folder19FIEP Madrid, 1966
Box5Folder20National Consultation on Health and Physical Education in YMCA, 1967 April 1
Box5Folder21ITCCN Conference and Address, 1967
Box5Folder22XXIV International Congress of Physical Science, 1968
Box5Folder23AAHPER Perceptual-Motor Symposium, 1968
Box5Folder24NMR-Oakland, Michigan, 1968
Box5Folder25ALSM, Penn State, 1968
Series IV: Projects and Research, 1900-1968 (Bulk 1919-1968)
Box6Folder1A-Bomb Defense, undated
Box6Folder2Annual Reports and responses, 1946
Box6Folder3Coffee Research, 1941-1949
Box6Folder4Cooperative Research Program, 1961-1962
Box6Folder5Cyclotherapy, undated
Box6Folder6Denoyer-Geppert (Health Charts), undated
Box6Folder7Dictionary of Physical Education, undated
Box6Folder8Education Jargon, undated
Box6Folder9Expert Opinion, 1965-1968
Box6Folder10Flooring Research, 1963-1965
Box6Folder11Foundations Contacted in Regard to Graduate School, undated
Box6Folder12Proposal for Graduate School in Health and Fitness Education, undated
Box6Folder13Plans for Graduate School to develop leadership in Education in Health & Fitness, 1945-1947
Box6Folder14Graduate School Project, 1950
Box6Folder15Historical Research Section, 1930-1931
Box6Folder16Hypnotism, 1924-1958
Box6Folder17Legislation, undated
Box6Folder18Menu Scheme (Hygiene), 1928
Box6Folder19Osteopathy, 1942-1947
Box6Folder20Principal Principles of Physical Education, undated
Box6Folder21Proposed Research Plans, 1948-1965
Box6Folder22Project Proposals for Robinson Foundation, undated
Box6Folder23Publications I, 1900-1947
Box6Folder24Publications II, 1900-1947
Box7Folder1MSU Course Notes on Theory, Practice, Teaching of Neuromuscular Relaxation, undated
Box7Folder2Neuromuscular Relaxation Course Lessons, undated
Box7Folder3Project 1529-Teaching Neuromuscular Relaxation, 1961
Box7Folder4Neuromuscular Relaxation Project presented to HEW, 1964
Box7Folder5YMCA Neuromuscular Relaxation Teacher Training, Detroit, 1965-1966
Box7Folder6Authorized Instructors of Neuromuscular Relaxation, undated
Box7Folder7Evanston-Neuromuscular Relaxation, undated
Box7Folder8Family Weekly, Feb. 17, 1963: "How to be Really Relaxed," undated
Box7Folder9 "Hypertonic Muscle," 1941-1943
Box7Folder10Hypertonic Muscle Research, undated
Box7Folder11Neuromuscular Relaxation and Mental Health, undated
Box7Folder12Neuromuscular Relaxation in Pregnancy, 1965-1967
Box7Folder13Neuromuscular Relaxation in Pregnancy, 1965-1967
Box7Folder14Neuromuscular Relaxation Readings, 1965-1966
Box7Folder15Odor and Muscle Tension, 1964-1965
Box7Folder16OE 159 Summary Research: Teaching Neuromuscular Relaxation, undated
Box7Folder17Relaxation-Inquiries and Publicity, undated
Box7Folder18Relaxation Questionnaire, undated
Box7Folder19Relaxation Sales, undated
Box7Folder20Relaxation Study Reports Price List, undated
Box7Folder21Replies to AHS Boxing letter from member of CNS, undated
Box7Folder22Correspondence materials relating to elimination of boxing as Olympic event, undated
Box7Folder23New Trier High School Experiment (Winnetka, Ill.), undated
Box7Folder24Dissertation, 1964-1965
Box7Folder25Reading Research Foundation (Chicago), 1967 May 17
Box7Folder26Semantics, undated
Box7Folder27School Dropouts, undated
Box8Folder1 Tobacco and Health (2 copies of AHS book), undated
Box8Folder2Smoking and smoking machine, undated
Box8Folder3 Tobacco and Health letters, 1960
Box8Folder4Tobacco Research, undated
Box8Folder5Tobacco Information, 1919-1937
Box8Folder6Tobacco Information, 1938-1939
Box8Folder7Tobacco Information, 1940-1949
Box8Folder8Tobacco Information, 1950-1957
Box8Folder9Tobacco Information, 1958-1960
Box8Folder10Tobacco Information, 1961-1967
Box8Folder11Tobacco-Term Projects and Undated Material, undated
Box8Folder12Thesis: The effect of cigarette smoking on the spontaneous behavior of normal and castrated white rats, undated
Series V: Course Lectures, 1962-1969
Box9Folder1Physiology 101 and 103 (Stanford University), undated
Box9Folder2Physiology 202, undated
Box9Folder3Physiology 202-302. Lab information, undated
Box9Folder4Physiology 202-Blood, undated
Box9Folder5Physiology 203-Amino Acids, undated
Box9Folder6Physiology 203-Tests, related literature, undated
Box9Folder7Physiology 203-303. Digestion, undated
Box9Folder8Physiology 203-303. Lecture notes, student projects, undated
Box9Folder9Physiology 204-304. Outline, tests, labs, undated
Box9Folder10Physiology 204-304. Lecture notes, related material, undated
Box9Folder11Physiology 204-304. Experiment with Artificial Language, 1962
Box9Folder12Physiology 401, undated
Box9Folder13Physiology 402. Chicago College of Osteopathy, undated
Box9Folder14Physiology 403. Chicago College of Osteopathy, undated
Box9Folder15Physiology 404. Chicago College of Osteopathy, undated
Box9Folder16Physiology 405. Chicago College of Osteopathy, undated
Box10Folder1Biology 102. Lecture notes by subject; related material, undated
Box10Folder2Biology 103. Lecture notes, quizzes, related articles, undated
Box10Folder3HPR 106 (MSU), PA 175 (GWC). Exams, undated
Box10Folder4Neuromuscular Relaxation Exams, 1963-1968
Box10Folder5PE 142A (Univ. of Cal.) Outline, undated
Box10Folder6PE 271 (Univ. of Colorado) Outline, undated
Box10Folder7Ed. 375. Outline-Neuromuscular Relaxation, undated
Box10Folder8Ed. 375. Correspondence, 1964-1968
Box10Folder9Ed. 376. Motor Facilitation (GWC), undated
Box10Folder10Skin and skin appendages-lecture notes, undated
Box10Folder11Reproduction, undated
Box10Folder12Endocrines, undated
Series VI: Other Public Lectures, 1939-1969
Box11Folder1Lectures Pending, 1963-1968
Box11Folder2Lectures Pending, 1966-1968
Box11Folder3Lectures Declined, 1962-1969
Box11Folder4Lecture Correspondence, 1966
Box11Folder5Lecture Correspondence, 1965
Box11Folder6Lecture Correspondence, 1965
Box11Folder7Lecture Correspondence, 1964
Box11Folder8Lecture Correspondence, 1963-1964
Box11Folder9Lectures and Talks, undated
Box11Folder10Talk titles, undated
Box11Folder11Talks, 1939-1955
Box11Folder12Talks, 1956-1959
Box11Folder13Talks, 1960-1962
Box11Folder14Talks, 1963-1967
Box11Folder15Talks frequently used, 1960-1967
Box11Folder16Television Talks (Correspondence), undated
Box11Folder17Talk on Japan, 1963 December 5
Box11Folder18Eva Steinhaus Talk: "A Cook's Tour Through Europe," undated
Box11Folder19Talk Notes and Manuscripts (secondary), undated
Box11Folder20Talk Materials (Other), undated
Box11Folder21Outlines, etc., of Talks in Japan, undated
Series VII: Publicity, Publishing, and Manuscripts, 1900-1968
Box12Folder1Press Items and their consequences, 1900-1947
Box12Folder2Publicity Received, 1944-1968
Box12Folder3Library Book Acquisition List, undated
Box12Folder4Mailing Lists, undated
Box12Folder5Dictionary of International Biography, undated
Box12Folder6Encyclopedia of Physical Education, undated
Box12Folder7Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc, undated
Box12Folder8Library of Congress-Photo duplication order blanks, undated
Box12Folder9Reprinted Publications, undated
Box12Folder10Whitehall Company Printing, undated
Box12Folder11Originals of material reproduced at Whitehall, undated
Box12Folder12Book Shop Bindery, undated
Box12Folder13Publishers-General, undated
Box12Folder14Consolidated Book Publishers, undated
Box12Folder15The Book: Toward an Understanding of Health and Physical Education (correspondence), undated
Box12Folder16Manuscripts I, undated
Box12Folder17Manuscripts II, undated
Box12Folder18Manuscripts III, undated
Box12Folder19Copyrights, undated
Series VIII: George Williams College Materials, 1940-1969
Box13Folder1Pending Events, undated
Box13Folder2Extra-Circular Service, undated
Box13Folder3Engagements, undated
Box13Folder4Public Appearances, undated
Box13Folder5Interfraternity Award, undated
Box13Folder6AHS Testimonial Dinner, 1950 March 11
Box13Folder7Dedication of Arts and Sciences Building (GWC), 1966
Box13Folder8Commencement, undated
Box13Folder9GWC 50th Anniversary Homecoming Pageant, 1940
Box13Folder10George Williams Room, undated
Box13Folder11The "Y" Magazine, undated
Box13Folder12Counselling-Extremely Confidential, undated
Box13Folder13College Correspondence-Private, undated
Box13Folder14Personal Correspondence concerning retirement from GWC, undated
Box13Folder15Faculty Personnel Policy, undated
Box13Folder16Personnel Applications 1961-1969, undated
Box13Folder17Letters of Recommendation, 1961-1969
Box13Folder18 "Burt" Classes, undated
Box13Folder19College Songs, undated
Box13Folder20Small Contract Proposals, undated
Box13Folder21Orders completed, undated
Box13Folder22Account # 310-Restricted Physical Fitness Fund, undated
Box13Folder23Account # 317, undated
Box13Folder24Account # 716, undated
Box13Folder25Account # 904-Hans Kleyn, Comptroller, undated
Box13Folder26Other Accounts, undated
Box13Folder27Amplifier equipment, undated
Box13Folder28Electronic equipment, undated
Box13Folder29Office equipment, undated
Box13Folder30Portable equipment (Jerome Tannenbaum), undated
Box13Folder31Other equipment, undated
Box13Folder32George Williams College Correspondence, 1963-1968
Series IX: Transcripts of Public Lectures, undated
Box14Transcripts of Public Lectures, undated
Series X: Personal and Financial, 1915-1971
Box15Folder1Bills paid and pending, undated
Box15Folder2Wieboldt's Stores, undated
Box15Folder3Continental Products, Inc.; Joseph Hagn Co.; Carson Pierce, undated
Box15Folder4Cemetary, undated
Box15Folder5Board of Water and Light (Lansing, Michigan), undated
Box15Folder6American Express Credit Card, undated
Box15Folder7College Travel Office, undated
Box15Folder8Transworld Airlines-TWA, undated
Box15Folder9American Bank and Trust Co.-Correspondence, 1966
Box15Folder10American Bank and Trust Co.-Statements & Checks, 1966-1969
Box15Folder11American Bank and Trust Co.-Statements & Checks,, 1970-1971
Box15Folder12Chase Manhattan Bank and Dai Io Bank Ltd., 1962-1963
Box15Folder13Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co., undated
Box15Folder14Continental and American Joint Accounts, undated
Box15Folder15Other Banking and Center Expenses, undated
Box15Folder16Ledgers, undated
Box15Folder17Investment Record (Suggestions, etc.), undated
Box15Folder18Recent Correspondence-Barlow, undated
Box15Folder19Hans Mattick, undated
Box15Folder20Moving Account, undated
Box15Folder21Estate Charges, undated
Box15Folder22Matters of Estate, undated
Box15Folder23MSU Services Cooperative, undated
Box16Folder1Retirement letters, undated
Box16Folder2YMCA Retirement, undated
Box16Folder3YMCA Retirement Fund, undated
Box16Folder4Retirement Fund, undated
Box16Folder5Retirement Dinner, 1967 September 21
Box16Folder6American Association of Retired Persons, undated
Box16Folder7Social Security, undated
Box16Folder8TIAA through MSU, undated
Box16Folder9Minister's Life, undated
Box16Folder10MSU Insurance, undated
Box16Folder11Mutual of Omaha, undated
Box16Folder12Medicare, undated
Box16Folder13Hospital Bills, undated
Box16Folder14Medical Expenses (as paid for by various agencies), undated
Box16Folder15Physician and other Medical Bills, undated
Box16Folder16Physician and other Medical Bills (Duplicates), undated
Box16Folder17Income Tax Materials, 1933-1946
Box16Folder18Income Tax Materials, 1947-1952
Box16Folder19Lawyer-Arthur Allan Smith, undated
Box17Folder1East Lansing, undated
Box17Folder2Property on 1314-16 E. 54 St., undated
Box17Folder3Address changes requested, undated
Box17Folder4Change of Address- MSU, undated
Box17Folder5Swiss Relatives, undated
Box17Folder6Rosa Steinhaus, undated
Box17Folder7RESTRICTED: Bobby's Adoption Papers, undated
Conditions Governing Access
Colletions are stored offsite, and a minimum of 24 hours is needed to retrieve these items for use. Researchers interested in consulting any of the collections are advised to contact Special Collections at
Box17Folder8Bob Steinhaus's Folder, undated
Box17Folder9Bob and Mary Steinhaus, undated
Box17Folder10RESTRICTED: Bobby Steinhaus and other health records, undated
Conditions Governing Access
Colletions are stored offsite, and a minimum of 24 hours is needed to retrieve these items for use. Researchers interested in consulting any of the collections are advised to contact Special Collections at
Box17Folder11RESTRICTED: AHS Medical Records, undated
Conditions Governing Access
Colletions are stored offsite, and a minimum of 24 hours is needed to retrieve these items for use. Researchers interested in consulting any of the collections are advised to contact Special Collections at
Box17Folder12Correspondence to AHS from Eva Steinhaus, undated
Box17Folder13Letters sent by Eva (re) illness and funeral, undated
Box17Folder14Christmas Cards from the Steinhaus's, 1951-1952
Box17Folder15RESTRICTED: Passport, Visa, Health Certficates, undated
Conditions Governing Access
Colletions are stored offsite, and a minimum of 24 hours is needed to retrieve these items for use. Researchers interested in consulting any of the collections are advised to contact Special Collections at
Box17Folder16Pictures-AHS, undated
Box17Folder17Brief Sketch-AHS, undated
Box17Folder18Notebook of recipes and menus used by Eva for entertaining, 1940-1948
Box17Folder19Guest Books, undated
Box17Folder20Historical Relics, undated
Box17Folder21Historical, undated
Box17Folder22AHS Personal notebooks, undated
Box17Folder23Henry D. Steinhaus Scholarship, undated
Box18Folder1Confidential Form F IPAT 8-Parallel-Form Anxiety Battery, undated
Box18Folder2Sally Saunders' Poetry, undated
Box18Folder3AHS College Notes, 1915-1917
Box18Folder4AHS College Notes on Drama, Exposition, Interpreting, Literature, undated
Box18Folder5Address Cards, undated
Box18Folder6Other--Itineraries, Certificates, Pamphlets, undated
Box18Folder7Other--Magazines, Brochures, Directories, undated
Box18Folder8Other-Magazines, Brochures, Directories, undated
Series XI: Scrapbooks, 1919-1963
Box19Folder1Europe, 1935
Box19Folder2Guggenheim Fellowship in Europe, 1931-1932
Box19Folder3Photographs of his family and friends, 1919-1953
Box20Folder1Olympics, 1952
Box20Folder2Europe and the Middle East, 1950
Box20Folder3Oregon, 1952
Box21Folder1Europe, 1936
Box21Folder2Japan, 1963
Box21Folder3Japan and Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Farewell Party, 1963
Series XII: Photographs and Audiovisual Material, 1933-1969
Box22Folder1Other Photographs, undated
Box22Folder2Other Photographs, undated
Box22Folder3Birthday Postcards (AHS youth), undated
Box22Folder4Family Photographs, undated
Box22Folder5Japan Girls School Photographs, undated
Box22Folder6Eva Steinhaus High School Snapshots, undated
Box23Personal Slides, Lecture Slides, Notes on Trips and Lectures, and Travel Journal, undated
Box24Slides of Trips Around the World, undated
Box25Slides of Trips Around the World, undated
Box26Folder1Tapes of AHS Speeches, undated
Box26Folder2Appointment Books, undated
Box26Folder3American Academy of Physical Education Project (glass slides of most of the first 100 members), undated
Box27Dictabelts, Audiotapes, and 16mm. Films, 1933-1969
Scope and Contents note
YMCA Speech-What Physical Education Can Do, Memphis, October 1961
A New Image of Physical Education
What I have Learned from Animals, Atlanta, 1969
Audio Tapes: George Williams College, Old Timers Reunion, Special Program, February 19, 1954
A New Image for Physical Education AHS, Second Track
George Williams Room AHS
AHS (David Brace-Honored) "Physical Fitness" March 24, 1959
Olympic Games - 1952, AHS
Lecture in German, Principal Principles
AHS Announcement of Move to East Lansing, June 1966
AHS Physical Education Speech (3 reels)
Northwest District Convention, Portland, 1965
"New Image for P. E."
Closing Summary-AAHPER Spring Workshop, 1957, Tempe, Arizona, "Unfinished Business of our Prof." (AHS)
41st Meeting of the Mid-West Association for P. E. College Women "Significant Experiences-A Challenge to Physical Education" (AHS)-2 reels
16mm films: PE Convention-Atlantic City, 1941
Somewhere in France
Negative (Russian-Baby Exercise)
Jackson Family (Big Bend, 1933)
Bits of film.
Series XIII: Awards, Honors, and Other Material, 1914-1965
Box28Folder1Honor Certificate: Naismith Memorial, undated
Box28Folder2Honor Certificate: Founder, American College of Sports Medicine, undated
Box28Folder3Academic Doctoral Hood, undated
Box28Folder4Lane Technical School Yearbook, 1914
Box28Folder5Stamps, undated
Box28Folder6Bookplates, undated
Box28Folder7Teeth mold, undated
Box29Folder1Golden Book of Service, Arthur H. Steinhaus, 50 Years at George Williams college (Scrapbook of tributes and remembrances from friends, colleagues and former students), 1915-1965
Box29Folder2Testimonial presented to Dr. Arthur H Steinhaus by alumni, faculty of George Williams College for his 30 years of service, 1950 March 11
Box29Folder3Visitor's Log at Arthur H Steinhaus's funeral service, undated
Box29Folder4Henry Steinhaus Diplomas, undated
Box29Folder5Eva (Kunzmann) Steinhaus Diploma, undated
Box29Folder6Chalk-rubbed tracing of Steinhaus Memorial Quadrangle Placque, undated
Box33Universitas Chicaginiensis Diploma
Series XIV: Individual Correspondence, 1931-1969
Box30Folder1Ainsworth, Dorothy, 1949-1961
Box30Folder2Austin, C. C., 1947-1948
Box30Folder3Barker, David, 1967
Box30Folder4Boslooper, Thomas, 1964-1967
Box30Folder5Boyle, Capt. Robert, 1944-1950
Box30Folder6Briggs, George F., 1944-1967
Box30Folder7Brockelhurst, Robin, 1952
Box30Folder8Brucer, Marshall, (photos included), 1936-1962
Box30Folder9Brundage, Avery, 1935-1967
Box30Folder10Chang, T. B., 1935-1938
Box30Folder11Clarke, H. Harrison, 1954-1958
Box30Folder12Cureton, Thomas, 1944-1965
Box30Folder13Diem, Carl, 1938-1957
Box30Folder14Diem, Carl, 1958-1967
Box30Folder15Diem, Liselott, 1953-1956
Box30Folder16Diem, Liselott, 1957-1967
Box30Folder17Friermood, Harold, 1948-1959
Box30Folder18Friermood, Harold, 1960-1968
Box30Folder19Fenili, Deno, 1953-1960
Box30Folder20Foss, Martin I, 1934-1968
Box30Folder21Gaelzer, F. G., 1950-1968
Box30Folder22Galle, Johannes, 1958
Box30Folder23Goncharoff, Nicholas, 1959-1962
Box30Folder24Gottstein, Dr. Werner, 1945-1947
Box30Folder25Goviell, Ralph L., 1963-1964
Box30Folder26Hamburg (Miller), Marian V., 1948-1966
Box30Folder27Hamlin, Richard E., 1963-1967
Box30Folder28Higa, Royce, 1950-1964
Box30Folder29Holland, Arthur, 1953-1961
Box30Folder30Holmes, J. Clifford, 1963-1965
Box30Folder31Hoyman, H. S., 1950-1959
Box30Folder32Ishido, Ayako, 1962
Box30Folder33Ikai, Michio, 1958-1967
Box31Folder1Jackson, C. O., 1948-1969
Box31Folder2Jokl, Ernst, 1943-1962
Box31Folder3Karpovich, Peter V., 1959-1967
Box31Folder4Katayama, Kaho, 1963-1964
Box31Folder5Katayama, Toyo, 1955-1958
Box31Folder6Kirming, John P., 1931-1969
Box31Folder7Koke, Tetscho, 1964
Box31Folder8Kral, Jiri, 1947-1968
Box31Folder9Larson, Leonard A., 1961-1964
Box31Folder10Lattof, Nicholas M., 1959-1964
Box31Folder11Lee, Mabel, 1952
Box31Folder12Lehman, Dr. Gunther, 1956-1967
Box31Folder13MacCarthy, Shane, 1961
Box31Folder14McCloy, C. H., 1944-1955
Box31Folder15McCloy, C. H., 1956-1959
Box31Folder16Massey, Benjamin H., 1962
Box31Folder17Mayer, Oscar G., 1961-1965
Box31Folder18Misner, David E., 1963-1969
Box31Folder19Mitchell, Curtis, 1962-1967
Box31Folder20Moorhead, Jennelle, 1950-1965
Box31Folder21Muller, E. A., 1953-1965
Box31Folder22Munrow, David, 1947-1962
Box31Folder23Nash, J. B., 1932-1958
Box31Folder24Norris, Jeanne B., 1962-1968
Box31Folder25Simon, E. S., 1953-1960
Box31Folder26Smithells, Philip, 1955-1956
Box31Folder27Spence, Hartzell, 1949-1962
Box31Folder28Spitzer, Aaron, 1959
Box31Folder29Springall, Arthur N., 1953-1955
Box31Folder30Tan, George G., 1962-1969
Box31Folder31Troester, Carl, 1948-1965
Box31Folder32Wallace, Joe, 1955-1964
Box31Folder33Watanbe, Toshio, 1960-1965
Box31Folder34Wie, C. W., 1945-1964
Box31Folder35Wellband, Wilbur, 1951-1964
Box31Folder36Yuan, Thomas, 1945-1946
Series XV: Restricted Material, undated