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tennesseeSearch keywords (full text and metadata) for 'tennessee'
east tennesseeSearch keywords for 'east' AND 'tennessee'
east & tennessee(same)
east AND tennessee(same; note 'AND' must be capitalized)
title:nashvilleSearch title for 'east' AND 'tennessee'
creator:ramsey title:nashvilleSearch creator for 'ramsey' AND title for 'nashville'
nashville | knoxvilleSearch keywords for 'nashville' OR 'knoxville'
nashville OR knoxville(same; note 'OR' must be capitalized)
tennessee -knoxvilleSearch keywords for 'tennessee' not near 'knoxville'
tennessee NOT knoxville(same; note 'NOT' must be capitalized)
title:tennessee -knoxvilleSearch title for 'tennessee' not near 'knoxville'
title:tennessee subject:-civil war Search items with 'tennessee' in title but not 'civil war' in subject. Note '-' must follow ':'
title:-knoxvilleMatch all items without 'knoxville' in title
-tennesseeMatch all items without 'tennessee' in keywords
university (nashville OR vanderbilt)Search keywords for 'university' AND either 'nashville' OR 'vanderbilt'
university nashville OR vanderbilt(same, due to precedence)